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Turner Prize Artist Installation

Turner Prize Artist Installation
Camden Council

The Brief

IN 2014 our team had the pleasure of being involved with integrating Mark Titchner’s artwork into the fabric of Camden Council’s building in central London. Mark Titchner used the Borough of Camden’s motto ‘Non Sibi Sed Toti’. Translating it to ‘Not for self but for all’. The text relates to the concept of self-governance and Camden’s responsibility to the wider community. Mark’s influences for the design came from Islamic design, sacred geometry, Baroque art, Victoriana and even the British Library and Museum reflecting the history, future and diversity of the borough.

The Approach

We designed a specialised aluminium framework to fit seamlessly into the architectural features of the building. The sign face was printed onto flexible PVC fabric which was tensioned over the framework. Our superior LED system was used to provide the perfect illumination and the results are truly impressive.

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